Today's Weather Data

A summary of the values for the data collected since midnight (local time).

Temperature and Humidity
High Temperature 12.3°C at 00:00
Low Temperature 9.4°C at 02:27
Temperature Range 2.9°C  
High Apparent Temperature 8.4°C at 00:00
Low Apparent Temperature 5.5°C at 02:27
High Heat Index 12.3°C at 00:00
Low Wind Chill 9.4°C at 9.4
Maximum Dew Point -42.7°C at 00:00
Minimum Dew Point -44.5°C at 02:27
High Humidity 1% at 00:00
Low Humidity 1% at 00:00
Heating Degree Days 0.8 HDD (for a base temperature of 15.5°C)
Cooling Degree Days 0.0 CDD (for a base temperature of 15.5°C)
Solar High 0 W/m2 at 00:00
UV High 0.0 at 00:00
Hours of Sunshine 0.0  
Rain 0.0 mm  
Maximum Rain Rate 0.0 mm/h at 00:00
High Hourly Rain 0.0 mm at 00:00
Consecutive Rain Days (not including today) 0 day  
Consecutive Dry Days (not including today) 3 days  
Highest Gust 0.0 mph at 00:00
Highest Wind Speed (10 minute average) 0.0 mph (F0) at 00:00
Dominant Direction 0
Wind Bearing 111° at 00:00
Wind Run 0.0 miles  
Barometric Pressure (sea level)
High Pressure 1023.27 hPa at 00:49
Low Pressure 1022.38 hPa at 02:24